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Cisco CCNA Exam Tutorial: How To Spend Your Study Time

Datum: October 31, 2011 01:18:58 PM
Autor: ExamKillerdotnet
Kategorie: Blogs

It's one thing to have a plan, and an important thing now you've got to make sure you carry it out to its fullest potential. You MUST make these small sacrifices in order to achieve your main goal, the CCNA. TV will be there when you're done studying. And believe it or not, people once existed without cell phones! Turn the phone off. Turn your text pager off. Remember, it's better to have 90 minutes of great study than 180 minutes of constantly interrupted study. This is true at the office and at your home! How To Spend Your Study Time CCNA candidates generally spend their time split between book study, practice exams, and lab time on real Cisco equipment. Let's take a look at each method. You can't learn about technology from books. You have to learn the theory before you can understand how a router or switch operates. At the CCNA level, you doubtless know that you have dozens of choices when it comes to books. Make sure to pick a book or books that go beyond just explaining the theory and that give you a lot of explanation of router configs and real-world examples as well. Occasionally, I'm asked for study tips by candidates who have taken the exam a few times and not passed yet. (You see a lot of this on Internet forums as well. Practice exams are fine if used as a readiness check, but some candidates just take them over and over again, which renders them basically useless. That's money you'd be much better off spending on Cisco equipment to practice on. Just don't make them the main focus of your study. As I tell my students, when you're in front of a rack of routers and switches during a job interview (or at 2AM when you've been called in to fix a problem), the correct answer is not D. And how do you learn these skills? Funny you should ask. Lab Time On Real Cisco Equipment. Getting hands-on experience is critical to developing your networking skills, especially your troubleshooting skills. You do your best learning not only when you're configuring your routers, but when you screw something up. Why? Because then you have to fix it that's how you develop your troubleshooting skills. This is true at every level of the Cisco Learning Pyramid. But when you use it to troubleshoot a lab configuration, you WILL remember it. If you spend any time on CCNA Internet forums, you'll see discussion after discussion about these exam questions. The simulator questions carry more weight on your exam than any other question while you can earn partial credit on them, you've got to get them right or you will most likely fail the exam. You don't want to be the person who walks into the testing room that's scared to have to create a VLAN or an access list you want to be the person who walks into the testing room confident of their ability to perform any CCNA task. There are several vendors that sell routers and switches on ebay most of them sell CCNA and CCNP kits that include all the cables and transceivers that you'll need as well. Whichever of these methods you use (and I hope you'll use all of them), make sure to keep them in balance with each other. On the topic of learning how to troubleshoot. Get used to using Google (or your favorite search engine) to find the answer to these problems - but try to figure it our yourself first! There's nothing wrong with asking questions of someone else if you're not able to find the answer yourself. Don't be one of these people who posts a simple question on a forum without trying to find the answer on your own. Salary differs in candidate's experience, performance level as well as in GPA.
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