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Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine | Herbal Medicine | Herbalist | Physician

Datum: June 20, 2012 09:22:15 PM
Autor: Jeremy Atchison
Kategorie: kommerzielle Webseiten

Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine The Neijing Su Wen or Yellow Emperor_s Classic of Medicine is an ancient work which is believed to be over 2000 years old. Both Chinese and Taoist medicine draw heavily from this treatise. This ancient classic takes the form of a dialogue between the Emperor, Huang Di and his learned ministers. One of the focal points of this entire work is the relationship between the physical well being of humans and the environment in which they live. The Underlying Beliefs The Yellow Emperor_s Classic of Internal Medicine is based on the concepts of the Tao. The theory of qi, the critical importance of balanced yin and yang, the theory of the five elements all have an important role to play in this extensive work. According to the Yellow Emperor_s treatise, diseases occur in the human body when any of these elements is in imbalance. To restore health, it is important to bring about harmony in the forces. The Basis of TCM The Yellow Emperor_s Classic of Internal Medicine is considered to be the basis of all traditional Chinese Medicine in use today. The treatise contains detailed explanation of the theories of acupuncture and how to use this technique. It also covers general principles that form the basis of all TCM today including the importance of harmony between Yin and Yang. According to the The Yellow Emperor_s Classic of Internal Medicine, if Yin is overly powerful, Yang is weak and vice versa. Increased influence of either will result in specific symptomatic manifestations by studying which the physician can identify the problem and correct it. The concept that exercise, proper diet, rest and mental peace are critical to good physical health was clearly elucidated in this classic. People were encouraged to stay active, eat well and keep negative thoughts away as a means of prevention of diseases. Herbal Treatments Offer Effective Solutions The Yellow Emperor_s Classic of Internal Medicine outlines certain herbal remedies for specific ailments. This shows that even during this ancient time, the people were aware of the potent power of nature and employed it to restore mental and physical balance in the human body. As all forms of TCM advice, to bring about good health, the medicine / treatment should promote natural healing and ensure that no harm is done in the name of correction of existing imbalances. The fact is that herbal treatments and medicines have been formulated after thousands of years of study and empirical research. According to the WHO, several herbal remedies as well as practices like acupuncture and massage are very effective for specific conditions. It is not possible to accurately evaluate the quality of these medicines across the spectrum of herbal medicine practitioners. However, it goes without saying that when practiced with due care, the concepts outlined in The Yellow Emperor_s Classic of Internal Medicine offer amazing cures. The fact is that these remedies encourage the body to heal itself from within and bring about an overall improvement in both mind and body. This, in turn, not only cures the existing ailments but also increases the individual_s resistance to others. For more about Herbal Medicine visit
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