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Titel:Curing Internal Hemroids User Guide 2   -
Beschreibung:Many times hemorrhoids burn and itch. When looking at how to cure internal hemroids, you may need to also treat the symptoms. Natural analgesics such as witch hazel and aloe vera work great. They cool the infected area and lessen the burning and itching. They can also even help reduce swelling and inflammation. Aloe vera is an amazing medicinal plant. While you can find many pre-made products that contain aloe, you can actually make a great topical treatment yourself. If you grow aloe vera in your own home, it is simple to learn to use it. Simply break off a large "leaf" and break it open. The gel inside can be applied directly. These products and other natural topical treatments such as Mentha Piperita or peppermint come in many forms. You can find them in creams, ointments, medicated pads, and compresses. If your pain or discomfort is fairly severe, you will want to choose a method that stays on the effected area for a long period of time. Witch hazel pads are very inexpensive, and can be easily folded and placed on the hemorrhoid all day long. Another important thing to help cure hemorrhroids and those that sometimes protrude outward is to ingest substances that help strengthen the vein walls in your anal canal and rectum. Butcher's broom and horse chestnut have been known to do just that. Look for these natural substances in capsule form or in a tea. If you use natural remedies for symptoms and incorporate natural products shown to help cure internal hemroids, you will probably never have to resort to surgery. Typically surgery is only needed if the hemorrhoids become strangulated or a blood clot forms. Many doctors say that when it becomes impossible to keep yourself clean no matter how hard you try, it may be time for surgery. The need for surgery is rare.
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